Characteristics of Centaurs




Individual strengths of a human chess players:

  • being able to construct meaningful strategic plans, taking into account the long-term quality of moves, which even the fastest PCs cannot foresee;
  • being able to discriminate meaningful moves from the meaningless, without wasting time on deeply calculating the combinations which can be deemed meaningless at first sight;
  • being able to critically judge and analyze a chess game, plan, opening or endgame.





Individual strengths of a computer chess program:

  • being able to calculate at a fascinating speed - on an average PC of today, a chess program is able to calculate a few millions of positions per second, making it tactically superior to any human in complex tactical positions;
  • having access to a database of millions of tried and thoroughly tested opening moves and variations, with the ability to retrieve information from such a database very quickly, and to store such a database on hardware resources available to most modern PCs;



(of advanced chess in particular, but centaurs in general)

  • increasing the level of play to heights never before seen in chess;
  • producing blunder-free games with the qualities and the beauty of both perfect tactical play and highly meaningful strategic plans;
  • giving the viewing audience a remarkable insight into the thought processes of strong human chess players and strong computers, and the combination thereof.